The true story of a spy, crook, lover, hero, and WW2’s last great unknown double agent

While Britain was on its knees facing an imminent Nazi invasion, only a few dared to go willingly behind enemy lines

Walter Dicketts was one of the most colourful rogues to ever spy for Britain. Travelling undercover as a traitor, Dicketts volunteered to infiltrate the German Secret Service and bring back crucial secrets. Dicketts was drugged, threatened, seduced, tricked, and plied with alcohol during an intensive interrogation in Hamburg during March 1941. Using his formidable powers of persuasion, Dicketts managed to outwit his interrogators and return safely to Britain, in Nazi eye's, as a German spy. 

Dicketts was a serial fraudster who left four wives, two mistresses and six children, none of whom knew of the others' existence until almost fifty years after his death.

Other Authors Are Saying

"A classic recipe of wartime espionage with romance, perfidy and tragedy as added ingredients."

Nigel West,

Bestselling author, Churchill's Spy Files and Spycraft Secrets An Espionage A-Z

"A fascinating journey into the past to uncover one of the most colourful rogues who spied for Britain."

Michael Smith,

Bestselling author, The Anatomy of a Traitor and The Secrets of Station X

Podcast Audio

Listen to Carolinda tell her fascinating story to ABC Radio Conversations on February 18th 2018

Foreword By Nigel West

Wartime intelligence personnel rarely conform to a particular type, and much the same can be said for their agents. Some are foolhardy, others are egotists, sociopaths, ideologues, and gamblers, but it takes a very special category of double agent to work convincingly for two masters, and then willingly place their lives on the line.  


CLICK HERE - to read about CELERY'S fascinating connections to Operation Mincemeat.

An extraordinary story and testimony to truth often being stranger than fiction. Walter's life is a veritable blizzard of experiences, many at the pointy end of extreme peril. For a dodgy character he had a curious sense of honour. A remarkable piece of research by his grandaughter, the author Carolinda Witt.“

                  Richard Woolveridge 

“As gripping and immersive as any spy novel. This tells the real story of agent Celery.”

                   – Dr Helen Fry, bestselling author and historian The M Room.

   3-Minute video

Featuring: Dicketts' two surviving sons, Dr Helen Fry, Nigel West, Michael Smith & guests. 

Author Bio

Carolinda Witt's latest book Double Agent Celery - MI5's Crooked Hero, is about her grandfather Walter Dicketts, an ex RNAS officer and pilot, who was a British spy in WW1 and WW2. Dicketts' month-long secret mission into Nazi Germany on behalf of MI5 in the middle of war in 1941 was an act of extraordinary bravery and ability - and it is a miracle he lived to tell the tale. Carolinda also tracked down his equally incredible private life to reveal a mysterious man who had 23 fake names, 4 wives, 2 mistresses and 6 children.

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