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The incredible true story of a families hidden past and WW2’s last great unknown double agent.

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Foreword by Nigel West

Wartime intelligence personnel rarely conform to a particular type, and much the same can be said for their agents. Some are foolhardy, others are egotists, sociopaths, ideologues, and gamblers, but it takes a very special category of double agent to work convincingly for two masters, and then willingly place their lives on the line.

During the Second World War there were plenty of double agents run by both sides. The Abwehr and Sicherheitsdienst ran very successful penetration operations against the Allies in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, while MI5 and SIS created extensive networks across the globe, run by dedicated organizations set up for the purpose in London, Cairo and Delhi. With the benefit of recently-declassified files it is now possible to take a fresh, and more informed view of these hitherto classified clandestine operations....Click for more


Romance, perfidy and tragedy as its ingredients

"A classic recipe of wartime espionage with romance,
perfidy and tragedy as its ingredients"

- Nigel West, bestselling author and intelligence expert

A fascinating journey into the past

"A fascinating journey into the past to uncover one of the most colourful rogues who spied for Britain."

Michael Smith, bestselling author on spies and special forces including The Anatomy of a Traitor and The Secrets of Station X.

Few characters as bizarre and intriguing

"The wartime double agent is one of the most indelible figures in all of literature. But there are few characters as bizarre and intriguing as the rascal who was codenamed Celery by MI5. In telling the story of her grandfather’s adventures, Carolinda Witt has added a rollicking chapter to our understanding of World War II. And here's the incredible part: It’s all true"

- Peter Duffy, bestselling author Double Agent and The Bielski Brothers


Listen to Carolinda tell her fascinating story to the ABC Radio National Audience on February 18th 2018. 

Double agent Celery MI5's Crooked Spy book cover






"An extraordinary story and testimony to truth often being stranger than fiction. Walter's life is a veritable blizzard of experiences, many at the pointy end of extreme peril. For a dodgy character he had a curious sense of honour. A remarkable piece of research by his grandaughter, the author Carolinda Witt."


Good Reads

"Great read - Fascinating, well written, can't believe this is all true!"

Good Reads

"Carolinda's latest book Double Agent Celery: MI5's Crooked Hero provides us with a fascinating insight into the life of a loveable rogue - one of the few double agents who undoubtedly helped Britain win the Second World War. Carolinda's book about her grandfather is a fabulous read, her story one of love, hope, betrayal and courage. Her story needs to be told and deserves to be read."

Author Biography

Carolinda's latest book Double Agent Celery - MI5's Crooked Herois about her grandfather Walter Dicketts, an ex RNAS officer and pilot, who was a British spy in WWl and WWll. Dicketts' month-long secret mission into Nazi Germany on behalf of MI5 in the middle of war in 1941 was an act of extraordinary bravery and ability - and it is a miracle he lived to tell the tale.

Dicketts' personal life was equally astounding, and Carolinda's moving account of how she tracked down her grandfather, whose six wives (two were mistresses) tried to erase him from history, reveals a family ignorant of his heroism and sadly of each other. Fearing the repercussions Dicketts' activities might wreak upon his six children, two wives changed their children's surnames - and the others simply lied.

Like her grandfather Walter Dicketts, Carolinda has also lived an adventurous life, growing up in Africa; swimming internationally for Kenya; sailing around the Caribbean, and becoming one of the first female hot-air balloon pilots in Britain at the age of twenty. In 1988 she flew the Virgin Jumbo Jet shaped balloon across Australia in the Trans-Australia balloon race, generating pre-race publicity by tethering a fully inflated balloon to a barge and sailing it under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Carolinda has a successful business career as co-owner of a medical supplies company, which provided life-giving dialysis products to over 2,500 kidney patients in the UK, and is the founder and developer of T5T—a modern version of a popular anti-aging yoga routine known as “The Five Tibetans”, which is practiced by thousands of her students all over the world. Carolinda is the bestselling author of The Illustrated Five Tibetan Rites (Penguin Australia) and The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan (Clarkson Potter NY).

Carolinda loves skiing, scuba diving in warm waters, trekking in spectacular natural surroundings, riding Arab horses with a lively temperament, dogs of all varieties and ends every day with a cup of Rooibos tea and a good book. She has three adult children and lives in Sydney with her long-term partner Andrew and pug Annie. 

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